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Crawler is the original scaffold moving device.  Others have copied the concept, but these copies are no match for the Crawler.  The unique and probably the most important advantage of the Crawler is the power supply and battery are supplied by the end user and manufactured by major tool companies   (DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee etc.) that have the technology and resources to produce the most state of the art drills and batteries, which powers the Crawler.  The Crawler copycats uses their motors and batteries and who knows the quality or the life span of the motors and if replacement part will be available in the future.   The Crawler’s design allows the end user to simply replace the complete electrical system by simply changing the drill. I’ve seen one copycat idea that is using the batteries from major tool companies.  Well, we’ve all seen all the major tool companies change their battery designs many times through the years and what’s going to happen if you have a copycat Crawler that new batteries will no longer adapt.  The copycat unit will be worthless.  Save time, trouble and money and buy the original scaffold moving device made in the USA



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