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Is the Crawler OSHA compliant?
Yes, the Crawler is O.S.H.A. compliant and meets or exceeds all criteria set forth by OSHA publication 3150 2002 revised (1926.452(w) mobile scaffold guidelines. Click on the OSHA tab to view the publication.

Does the Crawler have brakes?
The Crawler stops as soon as the cordless drill is no longer under power, however, O.S.H.A. mandates that all casters be locked as soon as the unit come to a complete stop and before any work begins.

Can the Crawler operate on a grass or rough terrain?
No, The Crawler is designed to be operated on smooth and level surfaces with less that a 3 degree.

Can the Crawler drive over air hoses and extension cords?
Yes, the Crawler’s drive wheel is floating and can negotiate over small obstacles found on the job site with out becoming high centered. The ability to drive over small obstacles is determined mostly by the size casters found on the scaffold.

Lower Mounting Bracket


How much does the Crawler weight?
The Crawler weighs approx. 90 lbs. And can usually be carried by one worker.

How long does it take to set up the Crawler?
First time set-up takes about 15 minutes to install 2 brackets. Subsequent mounting/dismounting takes 5 minutes.

When the Crawler is attached, can the scaffold be used without a drill?
Yes, the Crawler’s floating drive wheel will lock in an up position in seconds and pushing the scaffold by hand is easy.

How long will the Crawler operate on one battery charge?
The larger the voltage and Amp Hr. of the battery associated with the drill, the longer running time. For example, the DeWalt 20 volt drill with a 4 AH Lithium Ion battery will operate the Crawler approx. 2,450 feet. Most drills come with two batteries, so while one is being used in the Crawler the other battery can be charging, allowing continuous use of the Crawler. click here.

By adding the Crawler to a scaffold, does this limit the possible platform locations?
No, the Crawler’s mounting brackets attach to the horizontal rungs of the scaffold’s end frame. Most scaffold trusses attach to the vertical post of the scaffold frame.

Identifying Parts
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What is included with the Crawler?
The Crawler kit includes, the Crawler scaffold moving device, universal mounting brackets, universal drill clamp, the caster locking bar, and the caster locking pole.

Is the drill included with the Crawler?
No, the drill is supplied by the end user.

Which drills are compatibale with the Crawler?
Most ½” cordless drills that operate at 450 RPM’s in low speed and meet the spec. below are compatible with the crawler.


Is the scaffolding included with the Crawler?
No, scaffold is not included with the Crawler.

Will the Crawler fit any brand of scaffold?
The Crawler is designed to fit any brand of “Baker” scaffold, (platform or fold up). (Perry, Eaglerock, Bil-Jax, Louisville, Granite, Sonny, Buffalo, etc.).

What is the maximum height the Crawler will extend?
The Crawler height can easily be adjusted with no tools required. The Crawler can be extended to accommodate a six foot section of scaffold with guardrails attached, (see illustration at left). The Crawler, when completely extended will allow the operator to comfortably stand at an elevated platform height of approx. 7 feet, allowing an approx. 14′ working height.

Will the Crawler fit though a man door or into an elevator?
Yes, the Crawler will compress to a total height of 79” allowing it to pass through a door opening without removing it from the scaffold.

Does the Crawler’s weight count against the scaffold load?
The addition of the Crawler to a scaffold does not alter the weight limit set by the manufacturer of the scaffold. Because of the floating drive wheel, the pressure on the drive assembly remains constant regardless of the gross weight of the scaffold. The weight of the scaffold is not transferred to the drive wheel.

Can the Crawler adjust to various platform height?
Yes, The crawler can adjust to fit scaffolds from five feet to nine feet six inches in height.


Where can I purchase a Crawler?
The Crawler can only be purchased through The Crawler store.

Can the Crawler be shipped U.P.S.?
Yes, the Crawler is within the weight and size requirement for shipping by UPS.